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Our aims and objectives

Our aim is to provide first class swimming tuition at a realistic and sensible price.

We think that everyone should have the ability to get in the swim.

History of our Swim School

The Dolphin Swim School was founded in 1994 by Roger Frith A.I.S.T., M.S.T.A following a decision by the Essex County Council to discontinue offering affordable and local swimming tuition under the Council's Adult Education Scheme at pools in Rayleigh and Rochford.

Roger was one of the 2 teachers providing lessons for both children and adults at The King Edmund School at Rochford and also taught adults at Rayleigh Sweyne Park School pool. Following discussions with pupils and parents it was decided to form the Dolphin Swim School to offer swimming teaching for all ages and abilities at realistic charges.

The Teaching Team


ROGER FRITH A.I.S.T., M.S.T.A. who qualified in 1984 as an A.S.A. teacher and founded our school.

LAURA FRITH A.S.T.A. who is a qualified A.S.A. Assistant teacher and holder of the R.L.S.S. pool lifeguard qualification.

We also have other qualified personel who help us out when required.

Soon we will be adding terrible 'mug shots!' of our teaching team, keep looking in to us for those.