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News and achievements

Badges obtained during the Summer Term 2000.

5 Metres. - Emily Knell, Caitriona Hanly, Ayron North, Lauren Wilkin, James Wood, Emily Wheatley and Joe Nash.

10 Metres - Emily Knell, Emily Wheatley, Joe Nash

15 Metres - Gemma Mills, John Fitzgerald, Hannah Cozens, Emily Wheatley, Ben Wakeman.

25 Metres - Robert Wood, Candice Daisley,

50 Metres - Hannah Jarvis, Rebecca Saville.

75 Metres - Rebecca Saville

100 Metres - Jamie Hicks

Tadpole 1 & 2 Aaron North, James Read, Caitriona Hanly, Emily Knell.

Pool Frog 3 - Alex Morris, Amy Saville, Molly Overy,Rebecca Saville


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